In The Beginning . . .

GSUS is an Australian Christian-based clothing brand founded by married couple Charlie and Antoinette Robertson.



It all started during a valley in 2015. We were living abroad in London, and found ourselves in a difficult and lonely situation. It was in that moment we realised we needed help from something far greater than ourselves. In our distress we called out to God, and He heard our cries. Our relationship with Him continued to grow. And after many years of ignoring His nudges to start this business, Gsus was finally born.



Mark 16:15 says 'He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation".

We believe God has called us to influence others and share His awesome Word with the world. However with neither of us being particularly confident speakers, we figured what better way to serve our purpose then by using our God-given talents to do so through fashion. For the methods change, but the message remains the same.

Our mission is to encourage, motivate and inspire believers, by being disciple's of Christ and bringing glory to His name. But also to plant His seed and spark curiosity in non-believers aswell. In hopes that one day they would accept Jesus into their hearts and experience His perfect and unconditional love. 



Gsus - a funky way for saying Jesus, stands for 'God Saved Us'.

Gsus is also a musical chord. So it was a perfect way to combine our passion for both God and Music.

The purple and gold colour theme represent royalty.

The crown as a way to honour our King.

The thorns on the crown pay respect to Jesus for what He did for us on the Cross, and serves as a constant reminder of the gift of salvation.

The 'S' is a treble clef note which represents praise and worship through music.

Our tagline - Established 'In The Beginning'. These are the first 3 words in the bible. Although our brand was birthed in 2023, we believe God had this plan for us right from the beginning - Jesus is the beginning.

In modern Hebrew, the Aleph (א) represents the number 1. When creating our logo we decided to connect the aleph three times to represent Trinity. The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. 3-in-1



The Gsus brand is based off Matthew 6:33. 'Seek first the kingdom and all will be added'.

Our ultimate goal is to advance God's kingdom by living a Christ-centered life and empowering others to draw closer to Him, by educating them in all things related to the kingdom of God. Hence our slogan 'Advancing The Kingdom'.

Every piece right down to the tags and labels have been carefully created with a purpose and a spiritual meaning. When you wear Gsus, know that you are putting on the armour of God and have played a role in Advancing His Kingdom.